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אודות איידיאל לוג’יק

About us: Ideal logic is a diverse company founded in 2010 by Nir Dubrovsky in order to give a creative solutions  to the complex and changing environment of the internet and the software industries. The company aim is to improve the human machine interface. Ideal-Logic spacialized in building an advanced and inovative technologically web sites, mostly in wordpress platform, in a range between PR web sites to  an highly complicated working and sales platforms

Another major field of expertise is the  developing of smart softwares for the cars (human factor,safty,parking and navigation) industry, cellular industry, the aviation industry and for industrial (ERP and IT) and home computers.

Ideal logic aims, to be realized by our websites & softwares, is to change the concept of Inovation by our products complexity that integrated  side by side with their simplicity.



Nir Dubrovsky

Nir Dubrovsky is the founder and CEO of Ideal-Logic. Nir has a vast experience in the field of marketing and business development Serving for many years as VP of marketing R&D managment, and as PM  at Dafron, the largest paper converting company in israel. After Dafron he founded few companies in the fields of software, internet and  accesories. As part of ideal-logic Nir served as marketing and business development manager of Ecaros IT services and at the same title in the “sustainability company”. Nir hold’s a master degree in Geography from Tel-Aviv university, MBA degree from Peres Academic Center in Rehovot M.S.c. degree from Porter school of environmental studies at Tel-Aviv university and a PHP webmaster from the Hi-Tech college in Herzliya