Green Office


Paperless Office

Paperless Office is a concept which all communications and paper based material is scanned and transmitted efficiently to an Advanced information systems related to the functionality of the office. Some offices  produces a great Matter of paper sheets (paperwork Accounting, certificates, invitations, and various documents), usually stored in folders and archives .Sometimes all this paper sheets  fills an entire rooms, creating loads anywhere, Keys Search Documents Becomes a workshop that takes precious time, and the bottom line should produce tremendous Paper without which its impact is damaging forests global scale.The Concept of the Paperless Office answers the functional form of matching the most appropriate archivist scanner characterization Office, needs and office paperwork cataloging system that wants to work. Then invested Comprehensive scanning time of all existing material and uploading it neatly as typical of modern information systems Exact business needs. After many materials uploaded and cataloged by the desired method We stayed with the office paperless office all materials entering him from now on are scanned Or computer and can immediately implement the organization’s information systems, and retrieval Immediately when needed without wasting resources of time, space and personnel that make the office line Lower office environment and ecology on one hand, And on the otherhand an office that is more organized, efficient, with more space. And Permanent saving paper and time resources